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Maarten - Mechelen

Living between park & canal

New district with neighborhood park and residential street in Mechelen

Stadsterras - Mortsel

Living between city and park

An urban environment surrounded by nature

De Lijn - Deurne

Bus depot and infrastructure works

New bus depot and service buildings in Deurne

BREEAM Excellent & WELL Gold
Dematic - Zwijndrecht

Extension for Dematic

Development and production space in Zwijndrecht

The Wings - Diegem

Ultramodern building complex in Diegem

New advanced and sustainable building complex

Casino building - Middelkerke

New anchor point on the Belgian coast

The new casino will be integrated into a renewed landscape

De Lijn - Rumst

Maintenance centre in Rumst

New centre for maintenance activities

Liantis & Unizo - Hasselt

New offices tailored to users

Heros Businesspark expands

Tannat - Brussels

Sustainable apartments and workspaces

The Tannat project demonstrates circularity with green apartments and workspaces.

Elegant Wonen - Sint-Truiden

Residence in green surroundings

Former furniture shop makes way for new building

Tweewaters - Leuven

Democo Builds Lucid and Vivid residences in the Tweewaters urban district

Tweewaters urban district in Leuven expands with new residential blocks Lucid and Vivid

Auguste - Brussels

At home in Brussels with Auguste Schaarbeek

Sustainable apartments near the capital

Les Pierreries - Laken

New district in Laken

Democo is building a new district in Laken


Realization of a new sustainable neighborhood in Laken

The 'Hippodrome' project consists of the construction of 199 apartments with storage, 184 parking spaces, 355 bicycle spaces, a childcare, 4 commercial spaces, landscaping and roads.

De Bonnefant - Hasselt

The Bonnefant housing project is being built on the old Belgacom site in the Paardsdemerstraat in Hasselt

Democo builds 49 (loft) apartments, 5 skyhouses and 36 assisted living apartments in the heart of Hasselt

Ezeldijk Phase III - Diest

Ezeldijk site expands with 73 new NZE-homes (BEN)

Democo is realizing two new housing projects on the Ezeldijk site in Diest, called "Nieuwe Kade" and "Heeren van Diest", with a total of 73 new homes.

Komet - Mechelen

With Komet, Democo is building a new young and hip neighborhood

Democo is building 128 new residential units, commercial spaces and underground car parks in Mechelen for RE-VIVE Zorro Development

Roelevard - Roeselare

Luxurious living with breathtaking view

New landmark for Roeselare

Woluwe Valley - St.-Lambrechts-Woluwe

Renovation of a former office building

Transforming offices into beautiful luxury apartments

Laurelle - Laeken

Trendy apartments in Laeken

Timeless architecture with the Laurelle residential project

De Dams - Antwerp

The Dams residence, new apartments in the heart of Antwerp

Secondary school De Dames will be redesigned and converted into a residential complex

Hastrid - Hasselt

Comfortable living in the city center with Hastrid

Democo is building three blocks in the Koningin Astridlaan in Hasselt with a total of 63 new apartments which were developed by Ciril.

Aircraft maintenance hangar - Melsbroek

New aircraft maintenance hangar for A400M aircrafts of Defense

Democo is building a new aircraft maintenance hangar for A400M transport aircrafts in Melsbroek for Defense

Het Steen - Antwerp

Ancient landmark converted into reception and visitor centre

Renovation transforms the Steen into a new gateway for visitors

Tondelier - Ghent

Three connected apartment blocks for Tondelier site

With Tondelier in Ghent, Democo is building 3 connected blocks with a total of 48 residential units, 15 of which are intended for the city of Ghent, 4 office spaces, an underground parking garage, bicycle sheds and storages.

Stedelijk Administratief Centrum - beringen

A new home for the residents and administration of Beringen

Characteristic façade will be preserved.

Chemiserie - Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

From industrial building to attractive living spaces

The existing building will be converted into a residential zone with 66 apartments

New student accommodation - Hasselt

Quality housing for today's student

Modern boarding school with warm and practical furnishings

Bree & Breughel - Hasselt

Elegant residences with Bree & Breughel near the center of Hasselt

Democo is building 20 apartments with elegant architecture on the corner of the Willemswijk in Hasselt

Kouterman - Hasselt

New residential care center in Alken

Residential care center Kouterman will become the central meeting point for residential and elderly care in the Alken region.

Zuidpoort - Mechelen

new offices with catering facilities on the Zuidpoort site in Mechelen

Construction of offices and catering facilities in renovated district of Zuidpoort

Rijnpoortvest - Antwerp

Rijnpoort, contemporary housing project for dynamic Antwerp citizens

Former office building on the Leien and Tunnel Place becomes new residential area

Leopoldskazerne - Ghent

Leopoldskazerne transforms into a lively city neighbourhood

New bustling neighbourhood in Ghent

WoonWel - Ostend

Quality living

Energy-efficient homes and offices for WoonWel in Ostend

Police station - Ostend

Hypermodern offices for Ostend Police

Sustainable and customer-friendly new police building

Picard 46 - Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

Office building with historic facade becomes a beautiful co-housing building

Democo transforms a former office building into a new building with 23 apartments, retail space and parking

Solidum - Neder-Over-Heembeek

Clean lines for residential building

The complex consists of a building with 42 apartments and an underground car park in Neder-Over-Heembeek

Square One - Geel

New high-end offices in Geel

Brand new 6-storey office complex

IMMOGRA & 3M - Diegem

Custom headquarters for 3M Belgium

Democo is building a 5,000 m² head office for 3M Belgium in Diegem

GO WEST - Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

New residential complex GO WEST in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

On behalf of project developer Ciril, Democo is building 31 apartments and a nursery for in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek.

Harenberg Fhase II - Tervuren

Energy efficient apartments in Haren

Grondregie Brussel entrusts Democo with the study and construction of 33 low-energy apartments and an underground car park.

NAC - Beveren

A new police station and administrative centre around Beveren’s central square.

Democo is building a new police station and administrative centre near Beveren’s central square, on behalf of the Municipality of Beveren.

The Residence - Antwerp

Added value living and working on ’t Zuid

The Residence is a remarkable development set on a high-profile location. The illustrious dance temple Zillion in Antwerp’s Zuid district has made way for ...

Zuiderdok - Antwerp

Trendy apartments in the hip Zuid district

Execution of the structural work as well as finishing of 3 apartment buildings with commercial space and underground parking

Mahatma Gandhi parcel II phase I - Mechelen

Renewed area for Mahatma Gandhi

Complete metamorphosis of the Mahatma Gandhi district in Mechelen South

Wuitenhart - Hamme

Constructing quality of life

Project Wuitenhart’s cause is to build a new administrative centre by the Nieuwstraat. The municipal administration will centralise all administrative services …

Mediahuis Hasselt - Hasselt

A new spot for the news on the Concentra site

Democo is constructing a new office building with underground car park on the Concentra grounds in Hasselt for media company Mediahuis.

Residential care centre De Wandelgang - Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

A new residential care centre for Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Realisation of the construction of a new residential care centre (WZC) in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe counting 90 care rooms as well as a commercial space. Care rooms are finished …

Lokale Politie - Hasselt

A new police station in accordance with the BREEAM Very Good standard and LEAN planning

Construction of a new police station for the Lokale Politie on Campus H in Hasselt. All facilities such as the fire brigade, local police, emergency centres …

Gazometer site - Sint-Truiden

Realisation of the city renewal project Gazometer

This redevelopment provided a complete metamorphosis for the neighbourhood around Sint-Truiden’s train station. On a 26,000 m² surface area a multifunctional …

Union Gardens - Vorst

Apartments and commercial spaces just outside Brussels

In Vorst (Brussels), Democo is currently constructing a building on behalf of Group Bouwen, consisting of 163 apartments, commercial spaces and an underground car park. Above-ground surface area …

Rabot social apartments - Ghent

Social housing with respect for the LEAN principle, and for each other

Construction of 131 social apartments, 5 commercial spaces and an underground cark park with storage space in Ghent, following the …

Casalta - Tervuren

At home in Tervuren

Realisation of the Casalta residential project in Tervuren with the construction of 57 apartments, two commercial spaces and an underground car park for 135 vehicles (3 building layers).

Beau'garde - Ezeldijk - Diest

Building sustainable luxury

On Diest’s Ezeldijk site, Democo is building the Beau’Garde Residency counting 33 luxury, sustainable apartments and including an underground car park.

Bootsman - Ostend

Urban villas for the Queen of the Seaside

Construction of 90 apartments with underground car park, split into 5 detached Urban Villas, 14 apartments for young families with commercial spaces on the ground …

Hasselt City Office - Hasselt

Urban office of dreams

Development and realisation of a multifunctional office building (14,800 m²) and renovation of the existing building (2,200 m²) on behalf of city services and …

Punch Powertrain - Sint-Truiden

An office building with 8 building layers and a whole lot of power

Democo is constructing a new office building for Punch Powertrain from Sint-Truiden, consisting of 8 floors and 6,000 m².

Residential care centre Sint-Jozef - Rumst

Extension and renovation for residential care centre Sint-Jozef

Democo realises the extension of the Sint-Jozef residential care centre (WZC Sint-Jozef) with 43 assisted living apartments (3,000 m²), renovating the ‘Little Castle’ (‘Kasteeltje’) and 6 rooms, as well as …

Fire Station Campus H - Hasselt

Building a new fire station

Construction of a new fire station on Campus H in Hasselt. On this campus all services such as the fire brigade, local police, emergency centres and …

Indoor ski centre Aspen - Wilrijk

Constructing 240 metres of skiing fun

Demolition of the existing artificial dry ski slope and construction of new indoor ski slope ASPEN, covering a 12,000 m² surface area that’s …

Bara Hotel - Anderlecht

A hotel with a revolutionary green approach

Construction of a new passive zero energy building (6,500 m²) with 150 rooms and an underground car park in Anderlecht. Beneath the hotel, a revolutionary ‘green’ car park …

Woonhaven - Antwerp

A social housing makeover

Demolition of the existing housing blocks and construction of 2 new ones, including 63 apartments and an underground parking space for 46 cars …

Neven-Lemaire - Sint-Truiden

Living and shopping in Sint-Truiden

Construction of a residential and shopping complex consisting of 26 apartments, 6 commercial spaces and an underground parking space in …

Célidée - Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

A residential project for Molenbeek

Realisation of the Célidée residential project, with the construction of 99 apartments, a childcare centre and an underground car park for 66 vehicles as well as 60 …

Proximus office Alverberg - Hasselt

A new branch for Proximus

On behalf of Proximus, Democo has constructed a new office building (7,000 m²) during building phase II of the ‘De Alverberg’ Business Park on Hasselt’s Herkenrodesingel. The …

Clinique Saint-Pierre Hospital - Ottignies

A zero-energy office building for the hospital next door

Democo is building a new zero-energy office building as an extension to the Clinique Saint-Pierre Hospital in Ottignies’ administrative department. On the ground floor and the storey floors …

Provincial Government Building Antwerp -

A strong sample of architecture for the Province of Antwerp

Construction of a compact and sustainable new building for the Province of Antwerp.
The building will amply meet all modern requirements in terms of energy …

Qaly residential care centre Alsemberg - Alsemberg

A new care centre in Alsemberg

Construction of a new residential care centre (WZC) counting 81 rooms (2,012 m²) and 42 assisted living units (3,034 m²) in Alsemberg, on behalf of Qaly Development.

Topsportschool Wilrijk - Wilrijk

Where Olympians are made

Construction of a new top-class sports school school (5,600 m²) in Wilrijk. In addition to a school with classrooms and an administrative section (150 students), the …

Schools of Tomorrow Bree - Bree

Structural work and finishing of new school for science and technology

Realisation within the framework of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ (‘Scholen van Morgen’) school project through the construction of a new school for science and technology in …

Schools of Tomorrow Heusden-Zolder - Heusden-Zolder

DBFM realisation of new school buildings

Realisation (in DBFM) within the framework of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ (‘Scholen van Morgen’) school project through the construction of a new school in Heusden-Zolder

Public Welfare Centre Hasselt senior facilities - Hasselt

Senior facilities for Public Welfare Centre Hasselt

Construction of new senior facilities for Hasselt’s Public Welfare Centre (OCMW) consisting of the Campus Banneuxwijk (residential care centre and service flats, 12,350 m²), Campus …

De Lijn cluster II Depots - Hasselt-Leuven-Sint-Niklaas

Bus depots with the latest innovations

Transport company De Lijn’s Cluster II project includes the design and construction of new sustainable bus depots in Hasselt, Leuven North and …

Schools of Tomorrow Bocholt - Bocholt

DBFM realisation of new school buildings and sports infrastructure

Construction (in DBFM) within the framework of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ (‘Scholen van Morgen’) project of a new school in Bocholt. It concerns a new building of 1,882 m² …

Schools of Tomorrow Tienen - Tienen

DBFM realisation of new school buildings and sports infrastructure

Realisation (in DBFM) within the framework of the ‘Schools of Tomorrow’ (‘Scholen van Morgen’) school project through the construction of new school buildings (9,019 m²) …

Stadshaven - Hasselt

Luxurious living and shopping

Construction of 62 new luxury apartments and 6 retail spaces for the Hasselt-based Stadshaven Residence (City Harbour Residence) project (through a temporary business association).

De Veldekens phase 2 - Berchem

A new part of Berchem

Realisation of the second phase in the ‘De Veldekens’ project with the construction of 91 apartments, 2 commercial spaces and an underground car park for 119 vehicles in Berchem, Antwerp.

Servaas site - Diepenbeek

An old school makes way for a new district for Diepenbeek

Demolition of an existing school building for the realisation of an underground car park, 16 apartments, 7 social apartments, 19 warehouses, 600 m² …

Leopold Park (Leopoldspark) - Leopoldsburg

A new residential and care project in Leopoldsburg

Realisation of a new residential and care project in Leopoldsburg consisting of the construction of a new residential care centre with 127 rooms, 22 …

Meise Oasis - Meise

Building a residential care centre in the heart of Wolvertem-Meise

Construction of new residential care centre Oase with 76 rooms and 75 assisted living units on a 1-hectare site in the centre of Wolvertem-Meise. On-campus traffic has …

Cesar - Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

19 apartments, day care centre, gym and underground car park all in one

Construction of a zero-energy apartment building (3,220 m²) consisting of 19 apartments, a day care centre, a communal gym and an …

Kapucijnen - Brussels

A passive building complex following the LEAN planning principle

Realisation – in construction team and following the LEAN planning principle – of a passive building complex consisting of 35 passive apartments for older people, a …

Royal Society for Zoology Antwerp - Antwerp

A new restaurant and renovations for the oldest zoo in the country

Execution of demolition works, construction of a new visitor restaurant (400 pl) with terrace, renovation and restoration of animal enclosures, construction of...

Ezeldijk - Diest

A new neighbourhood for Diest

Realisation of the third phase of the Ezeldijk Diest project. This second phase comprises the construction of 34 service flats, a residential care centre with 95 rooms...

Vandenbranden - Brussels

17 passive zero-energy apartments for true Brusselaars

Construction of 17 passive zero-energy apartments with underground car park in the Vandenbranden Street in Brussels (in construction team - Example building 2013).

Sion - Lier

Art academy expansion and new homes in partnership with the City of Lier

Urban development project in a PPP between the City of Lier and the temporary business association DMI Vastgoed, Vanhout Projects and Willemen RE which includes the extension of the Municipal Academy of …

TODI indoor diving centre - Beringen

The first indoor snorkelling and diving centre in Europe

Renovation of the old water filtration building and construction of an indoor diving centre on the be-MINE site in …

Hendrik I - Vilvoorde

Apartments with underground garage neighbouring a park

Realisation of the Hendrik I project in Vilvoorde with the construction of 34 apartments and an underground car park with 39 spaces in …

Jobhuis Elsene - Elsene

Sleek woodwork for Jobhuis Elsene

DBF (Design, Build & Finance) for the construction of the new Jobhuis (employment office – 2,452 m²) in line with the passive construction standards in Elsene. The building consists of …

AXA - Brussels

Axa’s zero energy office building

Complete dismantling, reconstruction and interior design of a building in construction team context, resulting in a modern and sustainable zero energy office structure with underground …

Janssen Pharmaceutica - Beerse

A reception building furnished for all purposes

Construction of a multifunctional reception building with welcome desk, public relations zone, lounge, gym, meeting rooms, conference room and reception room (BREEAM).

Aen den Hoorn - Zoutleeuw

A new heart for Zoutleeuw

The 'Aen den Hoorn' project consists of the construction of 31 apartments with spacious terraces (3,440 m²), 34 underground parking spaces with …