De Lijn cluster II Depots


Bus depots with the latest innovations


Transport company De Lijn’s Cluster II project includes the design and construction of new sustainable bus depots in Hasselt, Leuven North and Sint-Niklaas (through a temporary business association). Each depot includes a service centre, workshop, maintenance centre, a spacious warehouse, a bus washing station, a gas station and all necessary infrastructure facilities.

In addition to the technical facilities standard for traditional buildings (heating, ventilation, high and low voltage, toilet facilities…), garage-specific amenities (compressed air, oil distribution, pistons…) are also included in the project.

Buildings Hasselt: 15,300 m²                                  Car park Hasselt: 29,200 m²

Buildings Leuven: 5,700 m²                                    Car park Leuven: 42,600 m²

Buildings Sint-Niklaas: 2,400 m²                            Car park Sint-Niklaas: 16,400 m²

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