ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policies


Addressing Behaviour

It is not always clear whether behaviour is acceptable or not. Speaking to one another about undesirable behaviour according to the desired standards will encourage more openness and, ultimately, the desired behaviour. Examples include wearing protective clothing and separating waste on construction sites. Overcoming this dilemma requires clarity about what is and what is not allowed.

Circulation of and Compliance with the ESG Policy

Compliance with the ESG policy is an essential part of Democo Group’s success. The management of each of our companies ensures that all our employees are aware of these rules, familiar with their application and committed to complying with them. This is a day-to-day responsibility for the directors of each company. They monitor the application of the ESG policy within their company, supplemented where necessary by guidelines adapted to specific circumstances.

In addition, all members of the management teams, shareholders and the members of the board of directors are obliged to comply with this ESG policy. Furthermore, they act as leaders and set an example in this area.


Democo Group has appointed a compliance officer as the central point of contact to whom integrity issues are to be reported. Any reports shall remain anonymous, and the compliance officer will consider the appropriate action to be taken on each re-port, taking into account the nature of the issue and the rules involved. Measures have been taken to allow any employee to submit a confidential report. Employees should report any violation of the ESG policy to the compliance officer as soon as they become aware of it. Any incitement to a violation must also be reported.

Any notifications and reports can be submitted to the email address:

Procedure Infringements

The seriousness of the incident will be considered first in each case. Then, if necessary, immediate action will be taken by means of the penalty policy, and those directly affected, such as customers or clients, will be informed. If appropriate, a foren-sic investigation will be initiated. Based on these investigations, a strategy to implement further steps to eliminate the prob-lem will be defined. All reports will be discussed with the parties involved by the management and the board of directors, and the actions taken will be evaluated afterwards.


The ESG policy is not optional. In the event of a violation, penalties based on labour laws or contracts will be applied.