ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policies

Democo Group has defined a set of sustainable values that we deploy across our operations and activities. By putting sustainability first, we will help to improve and restore natural ecosystems and to reduce the impact of human activities on natural resources. Our efforts focus on the three pillars of intrinsic value, responsibility and circularity. We are continuously working on and improving these strategic areas of learning.

Intrinsic Value

The construction sector has a crucial societal role in providing places to live, work and relax. However, in terms of sustainability, this sector has a significant impact on the use of natural resources, waste production and power consumption. For this reason, we must incorporate longterm sustainability into what we build.

The activities, products and services we offer within our companies have an intrinsically sustainable value. Thanks to our climate-neutral and self-sufficient ambitions, we build with minimal impact and to high standards; we renew and renovate polluting and outdated buildings so that they comply with current standards; we install innovative and sustainable energy and climate control systems that consume less; and we actively engage in urban development to make our towns more sustainable and liveable with more greenery and urban diversity. Each of our companies analyses the sustainability of its operations and makes appropriate, ongoing improvements. They also have a crucial role in advising customers on the most sustainable solutions to their problems.


We also take responsibility within our operations to reduce our emissions and impact. This includes introducing a management system according to the CO2 performance ladder, making our machinery more sustainable, electrification of our vehicle fleet, sustainable commuting, etc.

We know that we are stronger as a team in which everyone is aware of their responsibilities and takes them seriously. We regularly update all our stakeholders and employees on the progress of our targets and specific steps within each area of our business. Moreover, as a significant player in the sector, we believe we can make a positive difference – both with our own projects and those of our partners and competitors. That is why Democo Group is committed to research and evaluation, and we turn this knowledge into innovative pilot projects that can inspire others.


To reduce our impact on natural resource consumption and waste production, we have included circularity as one of our strategic focal points with the ambition to recycle and recover as much as possible within the life cycle of buildings. The principles of circular construction and development offer guidelines for developing and improving the interests of people, nature and the economy in step with each other. This covers decisions throughout a building’s lifecycle (production, use and end-of-life phases), from development to demolition.

All our companies have one or more roles in this cycle, mapping out where materials come from, how they are applied and used, and what options are available afterwards. Wherever possible, we use circularly-sourced materials in our projects. Today, an entirely closed cycle without waste is still a very ambitious aim, but it is a clear target.