ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policies


Our Views

Democo Group,
The value builders.

We have repeatedly confirmed our role as a construction partner by adding maximum value for people and the environment and monetising this for both client and company.

We also use our vision statement, “The value builders”, as a baseline for all the companies in our group.

Our Mission

All experts,
stronger together!

As a multidisciplinary construction partner, Democo Group combines the expertise of people, companies and partners to cre-ate additional value for clients and construction projects. We believe our experts are stronger together.

Our Core Values
  • The customer as a partner: using dialogue to earn lasting trust for construction.
  • More than quality: challenging ourselves and each other to keep exceeding expectations and work with the utmost care.
  • Connectedness: delivering results as a single committed team across the boundaries of our companies.
  • Integrity: we say what we do, do what we say, and always act honestly, sincerely and appropriately.
  • Sustainability: we develop added value for today and tomorrow and guarantee our social responsibility.