Sion Lier

Living in between city and nature


Near the Leuvensepoort, in the heart of Lier, Ciril has developed a remarkable residential project counting 99 apartments and 48 ground-level homes within a pleasant setting on the old grounds of the city warehouses and the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts.

Sion brings to life a new and unique piece of Lier in the area around the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts through its focus on strengthening the urban fabric around the Academy, and on Lier’s picturesque city centre. The project’s location in the historic centre and at the foot of the town’s ramparts (“de vesten”) overlooking the valley of the river Nete is truly unique. The designers took these assets into account as much as possible when drawing out the project plans. As such, the 99 apartments and 48 residences are placed onto the site like the five fingers of a hand, perpendicular to the valley of the Nete. This way, every single resident can enjoy a distinct little piece of greenery on the opposite riverbank. Sion offers the best of two worlds: it’s located within walking distance of the centre and the Berlarij – Lier’s main shopping street – and it literally overlooks an abundance of green!

The apartments vary in size from 70 to 148 m² and count 1 to 3 bedrooms. The houses cover a surface area between 165 and 175m² and count 2 to 4 bedrooms.

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