Living around a park

Styfhals & Partners

100 apartments spread across 3 buildings placed bordering a park overflowing with greenery, that is Hendrik I. The studios and apartments - ranging from 1- and 2- to 3-bedroom apartments – cover a variety of surface areas. Thanks to this range in sizes, Ciril can offer attractive housing solutions for seniors, young start-ups, dual-income households or investors – at affordable prices.

Styfhals & Partners Architects opted for a simple yet sleek architecture. The material used for the three buildings is brick on the street side, and a light decorative plaster for the rear facades. Small recessed areas in the facade add interest to the buildings’ otherwise long stretched-out surfaces. Both the studios and apartments have large windows down to the floor and the majority of terraces face south, ensuring there is natural daylight at all times. Most apartments are equipped with an office, and some even boast their own dressing room. Not an evident matter in today’s housing market!

By consciously opting for advanced levels of insulation, excellent airtightness, low temperature heating and mechanically balanced ventilation, Hendrik I scores better in energy terms even than the current recommended energy standards. Not only does this guarantee a low energy bill, but also a high valuation in the event of resale. Nestled in between the three buildings, a private park will be built for residents. Ample space, therefore, for strolling, sitting down, enjoying and playing.

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