Green living on the old Sint Maarten hospital site

The former AZ Sint Maarten hospital site is being transformed into a new part of the city for living and working: Maarten. New apartments, homes, a city hotel, office & retail space will be built between the station, the Vests and the Vaart. A public park and a residential street – amounting to 3,800m² of new public space - make this project a reclaimed part of Mechelen for everyone.


On the 10,000 m2 site, Ciril will create 74 apartments and 21 homes. A city hotel, office and retail space will also find their place within the development – and all of this 500 meters from the historic city center.

The development is also located by the calming waters of the Vaart and at only a five-minute walk from the station. An underground rotation parking, spacious bicycle sheds and connecting cycling and walking paths through the site make Maarten fully accessible to everyone.


  • A new neighborhood park forms the heart of Maarten, open to everyone.
  • Within walking distance of the historic center, the station and by the Vaart, a quiet spot by the water.
  • A new piece of city-in-the-city, a new street and a new place to live in.
  • A neighborhood for everyone: from young families to active seniors.
  • Designed with people and Mechelen in mind, attractive buildings in warm materials.
  • Spacious housing and apartments with lots of space for yourself.
  • A brand-new neighborhood full of possibilities. A fresh start!

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