ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policies

Democo Group's actions are based on a (shared) responsibility towards employees, clients, chain partners and the society in which we operate. We carry out our operations on the basis of honesty, integrity and openness. We respect the legitimate interests of those with whom we maintain relations. The Democo Group of companies strives to fulfil its responsibilities towards the society in which it operates.

Working Conditions

Democo Group is dedicated to an inclusive working environment as described in the “Respect and Engagement” section, where people interact with trust and respect and where everyone feels responsible for the company’s results and reputation. We want to ensure safe, pleasant and healthy working conditions for all our employees. We provide competitive conditions with equal opportunities as a key principle, making room for our employees’ personal growth and maximising everyone’s abili-ties. We encourage good communication among our teams with information and consultation procedures.

Social Policy

Democo Group operates a fair social policy. Our employees receive competitive pay commensurate with their level of educa-tion, experience, and responsibilities, defined through a transparent wage policy. Our wage policy is gender-neutral and guar-antees fair treatment based on objective criteria independent of gender.

Work-Life Balance

Democo Group firmly believes that work-life balance is essential for commitment, focusing on both autonomy and flexibility at work. We have created a home-working policy for all possible job roles to offer opportunities for balancing time and space. It allows employees to improve their comfort in terms of mobility and work-life balance. All workstations are equipped for this, and our employees received the necessary training and support.

Chain Partners

Democo Group applies an objective and diligent approach to the awarding of contracts and cooperation with partners in the chain, including suppliers, subcontractors, buyers and other business partners. Working with Democo Group means that these partners are required to comply with the laws and regulations applicable in all the countries in which they operate. Our chain partners are also required to act in line with and abide by the codes of conduct of the United Nations human rights bodies.

Democo Group sees a collaboration not as a one-off event but as a basis for a long-term collaboration. It considers all its part-ners to be permanent and equal partners in the construction sector with the same passion, respect and drive.

Purchasing Policy

Our buyers choose chain partners who share the same values as Democo Group, working in an open and professional at-mosphere, offering fair and competitive prices and respecting human and environmental aspects. That is why we base our purchasing decisions on objective criteria such as:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Timing
  • Service
  • Reputation (integrity, corporate social responsibility in terms of safety and on a human level)
  • Ecological footprint (type of materials, processing, geographical distance)
  • Long-term outlook based on recurrent cooperation
Integrity and Honesty

Integrity is one of Democo Group’s core values. As such, our chain partners have to agree to all the principles of honesty and integrity as the basis for a long-term relationship of trust with Democo Group. This includes compliance with laws and regulations on fair competition and preventing corruption, racketeering and money laundering. Business relationships should al-ways be balanced, voluntary and ethical.


Democo Group strives to make its purchases as environmentally friendly as possible, both in terms of the production methods of the building materials and the geographical location of the chain partners in relation to our sites or workshops. Chain partners should always respect the standards and laws relating to environmental protection and biodiversity. Furthermore, Democo Group is always open to collaborating on new initiatives that will benefit the environment.

Health and Safety

Chain partners must ensure a safe working environment for all employees and potential subcontractors as part of the perfor-mance of the procurement contract awarded. Chain partners should take proactive measures to ensure and improve health and safety conditions.


We also have our responsibilities when it comes to clients: Democo Group invites potential clients to take this ESG policy into account when considering cooperation. We believe sustainable cooperation is only possible when both parties have similar values and standards. We aim to provide sustainable products and services in response to the wishes and needs of clients and end users. Winning and executing contracts will be based on a purely commercial relationship, with a clear allocation of re-sponsibilities, risks and conditions within the contracts.


Democo Group is an international group of companies that operates in the heart of society and considers social commitment an essential element of how it operates. We are aware of the impact we have and the role we play in society and the envi-ronment. This is discussed in more detail in the “Environment” section.

Reduced Nuisance

On a local level, Democo Group will always consider the nuisance that construction projects may cause to neighbours and lo-cal residents. We address this proactively through early dialogue with towns and residents, as outlined in our Reduced Nui-sance Policy, which focuses on the five areas of nuisance: noise, dust and mud, safety, mobility and communication.


Democo Group works to create added value with a sustainable approach towards resources, ecosystems and communities. We do this through our core activities, but also go beyond these activities. As a group of companies, our responsibility is to our employees and their families and to society as a whole. This is why we also support external organisations and charities that work directly for people, society and the planet, in line with our mission “All experts, stronger together”. Our experts help us translate this broader commitment into a strong social impact.

We provide long-term support to selected organisations through services, efforts, or resources. The commitment of our em-ployees is also essential; they join us in our charitable efforts.

We promote the causes we support using the “Valued by Democo Group” label. A sponsorship policy has been developed to ensure a streamlined response to the many requests we receive. This will allow us to evaluate and select sponsorship files objectively, based on pre-defined criteria.