ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policies

Democo Group’s success is determined by our employees’ commitment and engagement. To this end, Democo Group has adopted an informal, human-centred corporate culture and operational management with short reporting lines. We create all the conditions to encourage employees to give of their best to benefit their personal development, the company and our clients.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Democo Group and its employees refrain from discrimination in any sense whatsoever. We create a place of work where everyone is valued and respected, which is diverse and open to employees regardless of origin or culture, and where profes-sional gender equality is guaranteed.

Democo Group applies equal treatment in terms of access to employment, training, promotion and working conditions through its diversity policy with its associated targets. All employees are entitled to a safe, fair and balanced place of work, with professional and personal growth opportunities and recognition of their performance irrespective of gender, ethnicity, re-ligion, social background, gender orientation, level of education, physical characteristics or disabilities.


Democo Group is committed to allowing everyone to work and develop their talents and skills. That is why we create work-places that are accessible and adapted for people with disabilities so they can fully participate in the work process. We achieve this with measures such as customised adaptations, assistive devices and support from specialised partners. We firmly believe that inclusiveness in the workplace contributes to a more diverse and positive working environment for all. In 2022, both Democo and Deholi were recognised as an “Inclusive Enterprise” for their efforts in this area.

Human Rights

Democo Group operates internationally and, as a company, makes every effort to support and respect internationally recog-nised human rights. In this regard, we take the lead from the UN institutions and bodies that promote and protect human rights, such as the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, Treaty Bodies and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

We never want to be associated with circumstances that erode human dignity. Democo Group recognises the relevant standards and fundamental principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Democo Group is respectful of the host countries where we operate but will never tolerate corruption or human rights violations in any way.

Zero Tolerance of Intimidation

Democo Group will not tolerate physical, psychological, verbal, or sexual intimidation. Democo Group also pays particular at-tention to the team’s mental well-being and any stress signals sent out. Violence, bullying, or sexual harassment are psycho-social risks that must be monitored, prevented and condemned at any cost. Employees suffering from psychosocial problems can contact their HR business partner or the external confidential advisor (IDEWE) for initial care and further referral. All new employees receive information about this programme, which is also included in the working regulations.

Great Place To Work®

Considering how important happy and committed employees are for our company’s success, we launched a survey within the group in 2019 to gauge the level of satisfaction and commitment among all our employees as organised by the Great Place to Work®. We asked for feedback from all employees and prepared an action plan with initiatives. In the process, Democo Group qualified in the top 5 ranking of Great Place to Work® companies.

Furthermore, we also cultivate commitment by organising NPS employee surveys, annual performance interviews, staff activi-ties and maximum use of our Insites intranet. Our employees actively participate in this by delivering content or posting Intweets for articles, which are featured online and in print versions.

Our ambition for 2023 is to participate in and be recognised by Great Place to Work® again.