ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policies


Responsible, Conscious and Sustainable Operations

At Democo Group, we are helping to build the future of people and the environment. We are aware that this involves considerable social responsibility, so we are continuing to invest and grow with our employees, technologies and processes.

We are moving forward with the world we are building in so that our projects create sustainable added value – for today and future generations. We build and operate ethically and with respect for our employees and their families, our suppliers and customers, our society and our planet. Integrity and humanity are paramount.

Moreover, with a focused sustainability strategy, we continue to challenge ourselves and our technologies. We invest constantly in sustainable production methods, innovation, knowledge and skills. In doing so, we focus on the wellbeing of society and the environment, a progressive human resources policy and integrity of governance.


The quality focus is on the effectiveness of business processes, quality at our sites, customer satisfaction and stakeholder management, and guaranteeing results. Our operations are certified with the international quality standard ISO 9001 for all but our engineering companies. This standard sets out requirements for standardising quality management systems and making them quantifiable and verifiable.

We standardise our procedures in a quality management system and share them internally on the intranet. Roadmaps are available for our building sites. The motto here is: “Say what you do, do what you say, and prove it.” This documentation and traceability will enable us to keep building our knowledge system and to conduct regular internal audits for verification.

Balanced Entrepreneurship

Profitability is essential to survive as a company and meet our responsibilities. We also need profit to be able to use production resources responsibly and invest in employees’ knowledge and skills.

Democo Group supports a market environment with fair competition. Our employees act in accordance with these principles and all the applicable regulations. They refrain from conduct that violates the laws and regulations in force. Democo Group does not do business with any party if doing so results in violating or circumventing laws and regulations. Likewise, we obtain information about these partners in a lawful manner. Any agreements are in writing and fulfilled consistently and punctually.

Democo Group companies are encouraged to promote and defend their legitimate interests. Democo Group interacts with the authorities and other agencies, directly and through trade associations, to develop regulations in areas that may affect its legitimate interests.

Democo Group insists that suppliers, business partners and clients subscribe to this ESG policy or have a policy that Democo Group can endorse.