Construction company and general contractor Democo offers high quality total solutions for any type of project, from structural work to finished product, from new build to renovation.

With expertise in residential development, retail, office buildings, manufacturing, healthcare, and public infrastructure, to offer added value for the environment and the people in it. Democo also has branches in Poland (Democo Poland) and in Portugal (DPCO).



Since June 2019, Ciril has become the new name of DMI Vastgoed. The urban developer is always on the lookout for development opportunities in our cities to improve the way we live, work and relax.

Ciril develops residential, corporate, office and retail projects in partnership with other companies, the cities and the people who live there. Through an honest approach focusing on quality, sustainability and transparency, Ciril creates added value so that the cities of today are ready for the people of tomorrow.

City Real estate for Real people


Technical services

Four companies offer all the technical expertise required to plan, install and maintain tailor-made technical installations. Thanks to their knowledge in the fields of housing, retail, offices, manufacturing, healthcare and public infrastructure, these companies provide knowhow and fuel synergy within every project.

Vandenbriele (HVAC and sanitary), AEW (electricity), AEW Security (security) and Demtec Services (technical maintenance).



All-round partner in interior construction Deholi covers all facets of interior design, from providing advice in the conceptual stages to delivering the last finishing touches, in any chosen style. The company produces bespoke designs for housing, retail, offices, manufacturing, healthcare, hotels and public infrastructure and transforms any space into a true experience.

Deholi was established as an independent carpentry department within Democo to be able to meet the high demand for quality woodwork both inside and outside the construction industry. The team grew and focused more and more on finishing and comprehensive projects. As such, Deholi grew into a versatile partner in interior construction with a team of 45 professionals.

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