"Our biodiversity, our climate, our planet: what we once took for granted now requires our utmost attention. At Democo Group, we take our share of responsibility. We have set sustainable ambitions and objectives to contribute to creating value for future generations."

Philip Demot, CEO Democo Group

Integrated sustainability: embedded in our construction

Sustainability Principles

The construction sector plays a vital societal role in housing, working, and recreation. At the same time, it has a significant impact on resource use, waste production, and power consumption.

Democo Group, therefore, operates within a set of sustainable values, which we apply both in our own operations and within our activities. We focus our efforts within 3 pillars: intrinsic value, responsibility, and circularity. These are strategic areas of learning where we continually work and improve to reduce the impact of construction activities on natural resources and restore natural ecosystems.


Intrinsic Value

The activities, products, and services we offer within our companies inherently possess sustainable value.

We build with climate-neutral and self-sufficient ambitions, ensuring minimal impact and adhering to high standards. We renew and renovate polluting and outdated buildings to meet current standards. We install innovative and sustainable energy and climate systems that consume less and actively participate in urban development to make our cities sustainably more livable with more greenery and increased urban diversity.

Each of our companies analyzes the sustainability of its activities and continually makes improvements. They also play a significant advisory role for customers, suggesting the most sustainable solutions.



Within our operations, we take the responsibility to reduce our emissions and impact.

We continually challenge ourselves, our techniques, and our processes. That's why we invest further in sustainable means of production, innovation, knowledge, and expertise. We realize that we are stronger as one team, where everyone knows and assumes their responsibility.

Moreover, we firmly believe that as a major player in the sector, we can make a positive difference. Democo Group therefore focuses on research and evaluation, and we turn that knowledge into innovative pilot projects that can inspire other players.

Ciril and Democo achieved CO₂ certification


Our companies, Ciril and Democo, have already obtained their certification for the implementation of the CO₂ performance ladder: a sustainability tool by the SKAO (Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement & Entrepreneurship) to assist companies and governments in reducing their CO₂ emissions, with the aim of achieving a climate-neutral business sector. Our other companies are mapping their consumption to participate as well.

Other objectives include:

CO₂ Progress Report and Energy Action Plan

Targets & Measures List 2019-2021

Energy Assessment 2019-2020



To reduce our impact on the consumption of natural resources and waste production, we have the circular ambition to recycle and recover as much as possible within the lifecycle (production, use, and end-of-life phases) of buildings.

The principles of circular construction and development provide guidelines for harmoniously advancing and improving the interests of people, nature, and the economy. Each of our companies plays one or several roles within this cycle. They map out where materials come from, how they are used, and what the possibilities are afterward. Where possible, we also apply materials obtained in a circular manner to our projects.

A fully closed loop without waste is still highly ambitious today, but it remains a clear goal.

Construction waste becomes building material

9,000 m² of flooring and insulation gets a second life

On Jules Bordet Avenue in Evere, Ciril is transforming an old office complex into an eco-friendly residential complex for 80 families: 'Le Jules'. But instead of demolishing the building, Democo carefully recovered thousands of square meters of ceiling tiles, wall insulation, raised computer floors, and carpet tiles, as well as dozens of lighting fixtures, for reuse in new construction projects.

Several tons of wood, glass, gypsum, metals, cabling, and rubble are also meticulously sorted to be made into new building materials. For Le Jules itself, dozens of fixtures are recovered to illuminate 1,000 m² of parking. All materials are also re-tested for strength and fire safety before they are reused!

Responsible, conscious, and ethical business operations

Eye on the Future

We are building for the future of people and the environment. This comes with significant social responsibility: hence, we continue to invest and grow in this regard. We move with the world in which we build, ensuring that our projects create sustainable added value - for today and for future generations.


Sustainable Value Chain

Democo Group applies objective and meticulous considerations when awarding contracts or collaborating with supply chain partners, including suppliers, subcontractors, customers, and other business associates.

Collaborating with Democo Group requires that such supply chain partners adhere to the laws and regulations in all countries where they operate. They must also act in accordance with the United Nations' human rights organizations and respect these codes.

Democo Group never views a collaboration as a one-time event, but as a foundation for ongoing cooperation over the long term, seeing all partners as consistent, equal contributors in the construction process, with the same passion, respect, and drive.


Sustainable Employer

The success of Democo Group is determined by the commitment and involvement of our employees. Therefore, we prioritize a human, informal company culture that is honest, safe, pleasant, and healthy.

We create a workplace where everyone is valued and respected. With a diverse and open company culture, we welcome employees regardless of their origin or culture, ensuring professional gender equality. In this way, we set all the conditions to encourage employees to bring out the best in themselves for their personal development, the company, and our clients.

We are proud of our employees, and the feeling is mutual: this is evidenced by our recognition as one of the 'Best Workplaces Belgium 2021'.



We firmly believe that as a major player in the real estate sector, we can make a positive difference - not just with our own projects, but also in those of our partners and competitors. We aim to take a leading role within the real estate industry.

Therefore, Democo Group emphasizes research and evaluation, converting this knowledge into innovative pilot projects that can inspire other industry players. As a sector, we can grow much faster together than individually. We are eager to learn from our partners and participate in industry-wide initiatives and development projects focused on CO2 emission reduction.

Only when the sector shares a unified vision on sustainability will we truly build the future together!

The initiatives we contribute to:

Sustainable Core Values

We have integrated our responsibility and sustainable ambitions into the core values of our company. As a group of experts, it's part of our mission to build value, both for our planet and our communities.

  • Customer as a partner: Earning trust through continuous dialogue to build.
  • Beyond quality: Challenging ourselves and each other to consistently exceed expectations and work with utmost care.
  • Connection: Achieving results as one committed team, crossing the boundaries of our individual companies.
  • Integrity: We say what we do, do what we say, and always act honestly, genuinely, and correctly.
  • Sustainability: We build value for today and tomorrow, ensuring our societal responsibility.

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