Valued by
Democo Group:
for people, society
& planet.

"We are committed to people, communities & nature: that is why we support various organizations with their own expertise in social impact. With 'Valued by Democo Group', we are committing to sustainable collaborations."

Philip Demot, CEO Democo Group

Building value in communities



Our commitment

Democo Group works to build added value, with a sustainable mindset around materials, ecosystems, and communities.

We do this through our main activities, but also beyond. After all, as a group of companies, we have a responsibility not only to our employees and their families, but also to society at large.
In line with our mission “All experts, stronger together”, we therefore also support external organizations and charities that are directly committed to people, society, and the planet. Through these experts, we convert this broader commitment into a strong social impact.


Valued by Democo Group

We appreciate the fantastic work that many large and smaller organizations are doing for a better world.

We therefore support selected organizations on a long-term basis with services, efforts, or resources. In addition, the commitment of our employees is also extremely important to us, because they are committed to our charities with us. That is why we can honestly say: these organizations are Valued by Democo Group!

Valued by Democo Group



Sponsorship policy

In order to objectively assess and select sponsor applications, we have drawn up a sponsorship policy. Democo Group prefers sustainable partnerships that can strengthen both parties in the long term. One-off actions are not excluded, but are rather exceptional. The emphasis of our sponsorship policy is on charities that focus on:

  • Creating value for people and society, including initiatives against poverty and for development
  • Strengthening connectedness and social cohesion in our cities, including cultural initiatives
  • Supporting health and fitness, including sports initiatives and actions against disease

Valued by Democo Group

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