Tourist information centre 'Het Steen' opens its doors

In Antwerp, more specifically on the right bank of the Scheldt, our company gave the best of itself with the renovation of an absolute landmark: Het Steen. The well-known castle in the city centre was transformed into a tourist reception centre that combines tradition and modernity. The official opening of the centre, accompanied by the obligatory ribbon cutting, took place last week.

With the official opening of the brand-new tourist reception centre, one of our most remarkable projects comes to an end. Het Steen is one of the last visible witnesses of the walled castle that for centuries determined the image of the city, and therefore plays an important role in the history of the proud Sinejoren city. It was therefore a challenge for our company to successfully complete this much-discussed project. And judging by the first reactions, we have certainly succeeded.

The renovation was carried out in collaboration with Renotec. The architectural plans were provided by the Brussels architectural firm noAarchitecten, and our company Deholi was also involved in the project. They provided the wooden touch to the interior, with beautiful wooden banisters, doors and wooden ceilings.

How was this landmark transformed? A new pontoon allows sea and river cruises to dock in the heart of the historic centre. In addition to a reception centre for tourists, a city shop, a rest area and a multimedia experience trail -'The Antwerp Story' - have been created, where visitors can learn more about the history of the city and the building.

Definitely worth a visit!