Children bring out technical talents during PXL STEM Workshop

Some twenty children between the ages of 7 and 12 attended a unique workshop organised by the PXL Hogeschool on Saturday morning. In the warehouse of Democo in Houthalen-Helchteren, they were challenged for two hours to think, do and experience the wonderful world of modern technology and science. For the children, it was not only an instructive, but above all a fun experience. This was the last in a series of four workshops given by the PXL STEM Academy to companies and it clearly tastes like more. 

A sports club or a music or art academy: these are just a few of the places where young people can fully develop their talents today. For children with technical talents and interests, PXL STEM Academy has been an exciting creative hotspot for some time now. And with a series of innovative workshops at companies, girls and boys from 7 years of age have been challenged once more in recent weeks to discover the wonderful world of modern technology and science. On Saturday morning, the focus was on the construction sector and, under the guidance of a teacher, the children could get to work with all kinds of building materials.  

For general director of Hogeschool PXL Ben Lambrechts, the workshops held in recent weeks at Democo, Deholi, Kuka automation & robots and Greenville CleanTechPunt have been a hit. "Through this project we want to bring children to the companies so they can experience real life in the company. A workshop on the theme of the company, coupled with a tour of the company. By involving four different types of companies, the participants get to know different contents but we also create an open company day tailored to the children." 

For PXL Hogeschool, this already tastes like more. "We want to use these examples to introduce children and young people to the themes of the companies in other companies as well and, in this way, offer them the chance to develop their talents and interests even further," Lambrechts added. 

Great need for technical talent 

At Democo Group, they did not hesitate for a second to participate in the workshops of the PXL STEM Academy. They kicked off the series with interior builder Deholi and contractor Democo was the last to open its doors on Saturday morning. "It is no secret that the Limburg construction sector has been struggling for some time now with a shortage of suitable staff. Year after year, there is a decline in the influx from education," says Antal Potocan, Managing Director of Deholi. "Unfortunately, it is still considered a dirty and tough profession, while that is a wrong perception."

The construction industry is becoming greener and more innovative, and that requires people who also have a good grasp of technology, says Frederik Bijnens, general manager of Democo. "Whatever building profession you choose in the future, you will always have to combine it with a bit of programming. It is therefore obvious that we welcome initiatives such as these workshops with open arms. Together, we give young people a taste of science and technology and show girls and boys that with their technical talents they can find work in numerous sectors. Also in the construction industry."