Buyers protected by Breyne law

When buying an apartment or house from Ciril that is yet to be built or is still under construction, you’ll enjoy the protection of the law on the construction of houses, also known as the Breyne law. This law not only ensures that you get what you paid for - that this real estate will be built - but also within the agreed timeframe.


At the conclusion of the agreement, the advance may not exceed 5% of the total price. The rest of the costs are divided into installments. These correspond to the value / price of the works that have already been carried out. You therefore receive invoices according to the progress of the works and you always only pay for what has been realized. The exact division of these installments and the total price is to be included in the sales agreement. Any additional works on the residence will only be carried out after written confirmation from the buyer, making sure you’re always in control of your budget.


The time required for the contractor to build and finish the project is the execution time. This is always calculated in workable days and can be found in the agreement, together with the starting date of the works. You can also find the compensations to which you are entitled should the execution period be exceeded.


When your house or apartment is ready at last, there are 2 phases to reach completion. A provisional delivery - where the buyer who made all payments receives the keys - and a final delivery, with at least 1 year in between. Any small errors or shortcomings discovered in the home during this period are carefully noted down by our purchase advisor and planned to be solved within a certain period. The buyer can report any hidden defects until the final delivery. Moreover, both the contractor, the architect and Ciril remain liable for another ten years for any defects that would endanger the stability of the building within the mandatory ten-year liability.

Would you like to know more about Breyne law?
You can find a detailed explanation on the website of the government and notary website .



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