We have recently acquired, together with Belfius Immo, a Cofinimmo office building in Brussels. The building, called 'Souverain 280', which covers an area of over 7,000 square meters, will be redeveloped in the coming years to have a mixed-use purpose.

Located in the center of Oudergem, near the Hermann-Debroux tram and metro station, and at the intersection of Vorstlaan and Waversesteenweg, 'Souverain 280' was built in 1985 and offers over 7,074 square meters of office space. It is situated in the heart of a lively neighborhood with residential areas, restaurants, shops, and plenty of green spaces. At the back of the building, there is a green cycling and walking path leading straight to the Woluwe Park, which is less than 1 km away. The Mellaertsvijvers - 'Etangs Mellaerts' - are also within walking distance on Vorstlaan.

"The acquisition has just been completed. We are now in the early stages and looking at how we can best utilize this space. The office building has excellent accessibility by car and public transport and, because of its proximity to numerous parks, is located in a relaxing green environment. Therefore, this project is perfect for redevelopment into a mixed-use purpose with an emphasis on residential properties. In the coming months, we will study how we can integrate this project in Oudergem in a high-quality, energy-efficient, and respectful manner," said Franky Tolpe, COO Belfius Immo.


Today, the building still houses six companies, including the law firm Claeys & Engels and a Belfius branch. But Ciril and Belfius Immo have acquired the property from Cofinimmo, with each becoming a 50% owner. The intention is to give the existing building a sustainable new purpose in a circular way wherever possible.

"Circular construction is still quite new in our country, but we are starting to take a leading role in this area. Think of our Le Jules project, where we are redeveloping a former office building in Evere into an eco-friendly residential complex, recovering tons of construction waste as building materials. This is a much more sustainable way of working and is also better for the social economy. In the future, we will tackle projects in this way wherever possible," said Pieter Vanhout, managing director of Ciril.

The deal was brokered by the professional brokers Cushman & Wakefield and Belsquare-Colliers.



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