Can we already build cities on the moon?

"Can we already build cities on the moon?" was one of the themes at the Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) event that took place from March 16 to 21 in and around Hasselt and Genk. Our very own colleague Namjoo Schefer spoke about Ciril's vision and approach to shaping a sustainable future.

It was the first time that FTI settled in this manner in Hasselt and Genk to offer a unique opportunity to share the latest developments and future vision regarding innovation and technology with an engaged audience.

The theme "Can we already build cities on the moon?" sparked the imagination of many and led to thinking about the challenges and possibilities of building in extreme conditions. This futuristic perspective served as a perfect metaphor for the challenges we face here on Earth, and how circular construction methods can play a crucial role in this.

At Ciril, we embrace circular construction because we know that this reduces waste, efficiently uses resources, and thus we build sustainable buildings and communities. We seize every opportunity with pleasure to share this vision because we want to inspire and encourage others to fully commit to this direction.

"Innovation, sustainability, and circular construction are the answer to ecological and economic challenges and the essential elements for creating resilient and livable cities - here on Earth, and perhaps someday on the moon." Namjoo Schefer, Ciril

We continue to commit to sharing knowledge and best practices, with the goal not only of transforming the construction sector but also of making a positive impact on society and the environment.

While we look forward to the possibilities of building on the moon, Ciril remains grounded in the mission to realize sustainable, innovative, and circular construction projects here on Earth with a greener and more pleasant future for us all.

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