A year of quality: measurement is knowledge

In 2019 we aimed for fewer points of delivery by shifting the emphasis from aftercare to provision. Our customers are, after all, our ambassadors: we learned a lot from their feedback and from each other.

Net Promotor Score

Quality in the construction sector primarily means measurable quality: with the Net Promoter Score, we are keeping our finger on the pulse of our services more closely today. We’ve seen that we meet expectations and sometimes even exceed them. That is what Democo Group means by "more than quality"; one of our values. Innovative tools and new ways of working will continue to help us achieve this in 2020.


By delivering quality in our work, in our contacts and in our relationships with customers, we have been able to retain existing customers and attract new opportunities for decades. This success is not a coincidence: it is only possible by constantly asking for feedback and listening to what is needed. In order to translate this into the workplace, we’re measuring customer satisfaction and realizing improvements based on feedback. The way our clients experience quality is central to our realization of it.

Thanks to all our employees, customers and suppliers for their support and commitment. With this approach, we’ll go from satisfied customers to real ambassadors & partners for our work and our companies.