Democo Group officially a “Great Place to Work” !

We are very proud to announce that Democo Group and its associated companies - AEW, AEW Security, Ciril, Daeninck & Deweerdt, Deholi, Democo, Demtec Services and Vandenbriele - have officially been certified as “Great Place to Work”! After thorough screening, the quality label is awarded each year to organizations excelling as great employers.

Worldwide institute

Being a good employer is about much more than just working conditions or facilities. The atmosphere, collegiality, trust, respect, honesty, and how proud employees are to work within a company are equally important. Precisely these things are measured within Great Place to Work®, a global institute that scores and guides companies to create and maintain great workplaces. In Belgium, they do so in collaboration with Vlerick Business school.

Pride & trust

The Great Place to Work model applies to organizations starting from 50 employees, regardless of their sector. It measures good employment practices from two perspectives: the position of the employee (through their Trust Index) and the organizational practices (the Culture Audit). Together, these measure the level of trust, pride and camaraderie - and how the organizational culture forms the basis for this. All these strict criteria make obtaining the certificate an achievement to be proud of!

2-year trajectory

At Democo Group, we consider people our most important asset within our company. We work, live and grow together. That is why Democo Group organized the Great Place To Work survey among its employees for the second year in a row. The first year, we mapped out all aspects and made adjustments and improvements collected from all layers of the organization, based on those results. The obtained certificate confirms that this has worked well: it is the culmination of the efforts of all our employees to make Democo Group an even better, more united and stronger workplace.

Best employer

Democo Group has the ambition to be the best employer in the construction industry; a goal we continue to work on every day. The Great Place to Work® Certified label is a great milestone. We would like to thank all our employees for their dedication and their feedback: over 800 top employees within 8 beautiful companies where it is - thanks to them - officially a great place to work.

Congratulations and thank you!