Democo Group once again named a 'Great Place to Work'

It has just been announced that Democo Group is a Great Place to Work. Our company, specialised in general contracting, project development, construction techniques and finishing, won the 'Great Place to Work' award for the second time in its history. This is an annual title that is awarded by the international Great Place to Work Institute in collaboration with Vlerick Business School. They gauged the satisfaction of our more than 700 employees. Democo Group achieved an outstanding score of 84%. We owe this mainly to the family working atmosphere, high job satisfaction, stimulation of innovation and fair management.

In times when many working Belgians are suffering from a lack of motivation, and who struggle to maintain a good balance between work and private life, the title of great workplace is a great achievement for companies. This is the result of a strong effort from both management and each individual employee. The recognition gives Democo Group an extra asset to attract good employees, which is not evident in the construction sector today.

The satisfaction measurement that the Great Place to Work Institute carried out in collaboration with Vlerick Business School confirmed that Democo Group is a great place to work. The points on which we scored particularly highly include: personal job (content), hospitality, camaraderie, integrity, support and honesty.

Although Democo Group scored high in all areas, there is still room for improvement; for example, smoother collaboration on certain contracts. A lot of work is being done on this within the organisation.

“We are very proud of this recognition, which we have now received for the second time after first being awarded the title in 2020. This is also a great invitation for new talent in the outside world. But above all, these surveys enable us to continuously work on the general well-being and involvement of employees, and to ensure everyone finds sufficient challenge in their job. This is necessary in order to be able to grow further in a sector that is constantly changing. For example, due to new technologies and more sustainable techniques. With confidence and a will to move forward among our more than 700 employees, we are convinced we can continue to do this successfully.” Ilse Claes, HR director Democo Group

Democo Group already has ambitions to be the best employer in the sector. And this, our second Great Place to Work label, is already a strong step in that direction.