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Kouterman - Hasselt

New residential care center in Alken

Residential care center Kouterman will become the central meeting point for residential and elderly care in the Alken region.

Residential care centre De Wandelgang - Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

A new residential care centre for Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Realisation of the construction of a new residential care centre (WZC) in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe counting 90 care rooms as well as a commercial space. Care rooms are finished …

Residential care centre Sint-Jozef - Rumst

Extension and renovation for residential care centre Sint-Jozef

Democo realises the extension of the Sint-Jozef residential care centre (WZC Sint-Jozef) with 43 assisted living apartments (3,000 m²), renovating the ‘Little Castle’ (‘Kasteeltje’) and 6 rooms, as well as …

Clinique Saint-Pierre Hospital - Ottignies

A zero-energy office building for the hospital next door

Democo is building a new zero-energy office building as an extension to the Clinique Saint-Pierre Hospital in Ottignies’ administrative department. On the ground floor and the storey floors …

Qaly residential care centre Alsemberg - Alsemberg

A new care centre in Alsemberg

Construction of a new residential care centre (WZC) counting 81 rooms (2,012 m²) and 42 assisted living units (3,034 m²) in Alsemberg, on behalf of Qaly Development.

Public Welfare Centre Hasselt senior facilities - Hasselt

Senior facilities for Public Welfare Centre Hasselt

Construction of new senior facilities for Hasselt’s Public Welfare Centre (OCMW) consisting of the Campus Banneuxwijk (residential care centre and service flats, 12,350 m²), Campus …

Leopold Park (Leopoldspark) - Leopoldsburg

A new residential and care project in Leopoldsburg

Realisation of a new residential and care project in Leopoldsburg consisting of the construction of a new residential care centre with 127 rooms, 22 …

Meise Oasis - Meise

Building a residential care centre in the heart of Wolvertem-Meise

Construction of new residential care centre Oase with 76 rooms and 75 assisted living units on a 1-hectare site in the centre of Wolvertem-Meise. On-campus traffic has …

Ezeldijk - Diest

A new neighbourhood for Diest

Realisation of the third phase of the Ezeldijk Diest project. This second phase comprises the construction of 34 service flats, a residential care centre with 95 rooms...